#Humiliation 2019 Contest

Hear ye, hear ye! The great #Humiliation 2019 Contest is about to start! But first, here are ye Rules!

Until the contest ends: You may post an additional 3 pics!

And what do points make? I thought you'd never ask. I'll happily donate $20 to the adult themed online store of your choice!

Please note the room owners' decisions are -final-.

Don't forget... you MUST PM Zombie!

Good luck, and have fun!


Succubus 150 I'm ducking out - I only played for the competing!
vithar{F} 148 <-- IS THE WINNER!!!
ione 133 Honourable mention and bloody good competing, well done!

Current scores are...

Christmas Contest Points
Succubus 150
vithar{F} 148
ione 133
MasterStorm 119
DarkMaster 109
{darkie} 91
Flingress 50
Tartaros 46
Torment 26
janie-m 20
vegasbound 16
BrutalHorse 12
SheBear 10
TheNastiestMan 6
provocatrix 6
OhyesitsDavid 6
Cortana 6
Anna-Lucretia 5
Dpraved 5
L 4
Ventus 4
TazDevil 3
boundintights 3
asianabby 3
amber19f 2
bubblebutt 2
msrelaxe 2
slavejohn 2
BlackSavage 2
tinyfuckdoll 2
becky_smalltits 2
Volatino 2
prettylilmouth 2
katyakiss 2
slave50 2
subbyhubby 2
asswipe 2
wish2BeControlled 2
smallpete 2
AnimeHentaiMaster 2
Jubal -4

From stormy, needs no comment!

Pain & chains, a Succubus is at home in Hell!

From storm{A}, "I saw it and thought of me ;)"

From stormy, "training in humiliation"

From stormy, "Dare you unwrap me?"

From BrutalHorse, "Owner"

From provocatrix, "where are MY augmentations, damnit??"

From storm{A}, "On the Nice List"

From storm{A}, "ikea_entry"

From Dark^Santa & darkelf, "Getting Santa ready for Christmas"

From Succubus, "Violence solves everything!"

From Dark^Santa, "This is Santa, the other days of the year"

From Succubus, "Beware the SUCK-ubus...!"

From Succubus, "Wings of nightmares!"

Just for fun, from stormy: "spying on storm{A} and saw this! https://i.gifer.com/sT6.gif" - not really in the contest, but... I'll award 5 points. (BTW beware, it's highly disturbing.)